Ta-Dah!!! It’s BAP!!


How are you, guys? It’s rainy season here in my country, Indonesia ^^

I’m not feeling really well, I got flu. But, let’s just skip with the blabbering now, okay?

Today, I’m promoting a new show, called “Ta-Dah! It’s BAP!!!”. On my previous post about BAP, TS Entertainment’s new boyband, I told all of you that they will have a show called “Ta-Dah! It’s BAP!!!”, right?

In this show, BAP isn’t just a regular boyband group, but an alien group that came to Earth to conquer Earth! How cutee XD

Their purpose on conquering Earth is to find an alternative energy source for their planet :D

And they found their alternative energy source, which is fangirls’ cheerings!

Because of that, BAP will be an IDOL!

As you have known, up until now, the revealed members are:

- Bang Yong Guk (Leader, Rapper)

- HimChan (SBS MTV The Show, MC/Sub Vocal BAP)

- Zelo (Maknae Rapper Dancer)

and in this first episode, you will meet the rest of the members which are:

- Orange Vest Guy/Clever - Witty Guy: YoungJae (Lead Vocal)

- Masked Guy: DaeHyun (Lead Guy) (I’m still not sure that the masked guy is DaeHyun, but it is confirmed that DaeHyun is the Lead Vocal together with YoungJae)

- Dumbbell Guy: JongUp (Sub Vocal, Dancer) (I’m still not sure that the dumbbell guy is JongUp, but it is confirmed that JongUp is the sub Vocal & Dancer together with HimChan and Zelo)

If you’re curious about the show, you can watch it here!!

Ta-Dah! It’s BAP!!! Ep 1 Eng sub

Credits goes to frustatedcollegekid for the video, and kshownow.net for the uploading/information!

Thank You for frustatedcollegekid & kshownow.net!!!